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Test Stands

BJ Hydraulics designs and manufactures durable, high quality test stands custom-built to meet your specific testing needs. Whether you need a complete test stand or individual components, BJ Hydraulics test stands help boost confidence in your product quality by allowing you to perform reliable, repeatable testing right in your own shop. We also maintain a complete history of your test stand build for your future reference and for assistance in troubleshooting should the need arise.

The test stand shown on this page is capable of testing pumps at up to 2,500 rpm (2,000 rpm recommended). It is also capable of testing gear pumps and tandem systems. An optional digital rpm counter checks motor output shaft speed of the tandem motor. Mounting flanges are available in SAE A-F and in metric sizes with couplers available for many different shaft types, sizes and shapes.

Test Stand Specifications

• 187 gallon reservoir
• One 4", one 3", and six 2" ports
• Bolt-on cover
• Oil sight gauge
• Oil temperature gauge

Test Stand:
• SAE A thru F size mounting flanges (optional metric flanges available)
• Pump fixture on linear bearing
• Optional Sundstrand 27 MV drive motor
• Motor output over 2000 rpm

• Supercharge loop
• 100 gpm closed loop system
• 100 gpm open loop system
• 50 gpm loop system
• Digital RPM counter
• Digital flow meter (optional)
• 4" glycerin-filled gauge

Prime Mover (optional):
• Diesel or electric pump with electronic controls

Gauge Packages:
• Custom built to application specifications

Let us build a test stand for you! Click here to contact a BJ Hydraulics specialist. 

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